Why so many people, including the German, are investing in Berlin?

06th June -

The reason is that this is an affordable, profitable and safe investment, with a demand that is growing at the same time that the prestige of Berlin as European capital is increasing.

  • Affordable Investment: The flats in Berlin are still cheap. From about 1100 € / m2 you can find interesting investments.
  • Profitability: How much are yielding your bank accounts or deposits at the moment? With a rented flat in Berlin you may get between 4,5% and 6% (depending on area and type of apartment) from day one. And rents are rising, so yields get updated and increase over time. The rise in rents has been 6,3% annually over the past two years.
  • Appreciation: You heard the news: Prices will continue to rise. If after a few years you decide to sell your apartment, it is more than likely you will get some juicy gains. Doing some easy numbers you will find that by investing now, you could get annual returns of 10% or more when selling your apartment after a few years.
  • Security: Your flat will be in the capital of Germany, the country with the strongest economy in Europe and a place where laws and contracts are fulfilled. Whatever happens to the Euro or the Euro zone, your investment will keep its value in one of the strongest currencies. Your savings will gain in either scenario.
  • Ease: Investing in Berlin is easy. BRICKBeRLIN will advise you and take you by the hand.
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