New rentals in Berlin: Which apartment can I afford?

03th March -

The online newspaper Berliner Morgenpost published an interesting map, where you can see the average prices of new rentals in each town in Berlin.

The application shows which apartment in which areas you can afford depending on the income you have. On the left, you can set the monthly income and the size of the apartment. Regarding the size, you can choose 40, 72, 90 or 120 square metres with one, two , three or four rooms respectively. If you go through the map with the mouse, you can see the average price of new rentals: warm (bills included) or kalt (bills excluded).
For instance, a 40 m2 apartment with a room would cost €460 kalt on average in Charlottenburg, in the surroundings of Savignyplatz. In Wedding, in the vicinity of Schillerpark, the same apartment would cost about €280 kalt; whereas in Friedrichshain, in the area of Samariterstrasse, about €376 kalt. In Kreuzberg , in the surroundings of Gneisenaustrasse, you would pay around €421 kalt.

If you are looking for an apartment to buy, you can check here how much you would receive monthly approximately, depending on the area where the property is located. If you are looking for an apartment to rent, this application may be useful in order to know which areas you can afford.

In this link you can find the application:

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