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We are also in Barcelona now!

28th April - From the beginning of 2015, the BRICKBeRLIN team has partially moved to Barcelona. BRICKBaRCELONA offers you the same personalised service in order to buy, sell and rent properties mainly in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.Find out more about BRICKBaRCELONA ...(Continue reading)

Right of Withdrawal

17th July - In the case of a contract coming into force, Customers have the following right of withdrawal: Right of Withdrawal Conditions in the case of contracts away from business premises and distance contracts, except contracts via financial services Right of Withdrawal You can withdra ...(Continue reading)

Berlin grows and grows

28th May - Each year more people to move the German capital. In the past three years 130.000 people were recorded in Berlin, mostly in 2013. But this is becoming a problem.Berlin has always been an interesting place to people arriving. According to information from the National Statistical Institute Berlin -Br ...(Continue reading)


24th March - It keeps growing, quicker than expected:  Prenzlauer Berg registered on 31.12.2013 nearly 3000 inhabitants more than the previous year. Accordingly to the Bureau of Statistic, the population stretching from Bötzowkiez up to Borholmerstrasse counted 154.574 units. This is the area which grow ...(Continue reading)

New rentals in Berlin: Which apartment can I afford?

03th March - The online newspaper Berliner Morgenpost published an interesting map, where you can see the average prices of new rentals in each town in Berlin.The application shows which apartment in which areas you can afford depending on the income you have. On the left, you can set the monthly income and the ...(Continue reading)

The German nicest street 2013 is in Berlin-Moabit

05th February - According to an article published on 9th November 2013 by the ‘Der Tagesspiegel’, a German online newspaper, the nicest street in Germany is in Moabit and it is the Emdener Straße. In this street we have some properties for sale (please, see the properties BB1046A, BB1045A and BB1044A for more info ...(Continue reading)

Increase of the property transfer tax from 1ST January 2014

22th November - The Finance Department of the Berliner Senate reported on 10th October 2013 that the property transfer tax will increase 1%. That means that the rate of 5% applies for any transaction made within the year 2013, while from 1st January 2014 the applicable rate will be of 6%. Therefore, any custo ...(Continue reading)

Interview to a BRICKBeRLIN’s customer

15th November - A. N. tells us the reasons why he invested in real estate in Berlin and his experience after the purchase.- Do you think people are aware of the good opportunities that the real state market offers in Berlin? Unfortunately, not yet.- What are the reasons that led you to buy a property in Berlin? We ...(Continue reading)
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